The four most important parts of your car are your tires. They are the only part of the car in contact in the road and responsible for traction, steering and braking. Making sure your wheels and tires are in good working order is a critical safety factor for your automobile.

At Cantech Automotive, we check the condition of your wheels and tires as part of our mandatory service checklist. If there is a problem, we will be sure to notify you and discuss options.


Mounting and Balancing

An improperly mounted tire can be a hazard and tires out of balance can cause premature tire wear and cause a wobbling of the wheel at certain speeds, affecting the handling of the car. At Cantech we use the industry standard Hunter Road Force balancer to ensure that your tires are balanced safely and correctly on your wheels. This is the same system found in the high-end manufacturing facilities of Porsche, Audi, BMW and other high-end makes.

Wheels are an investment.

 Make sure they are protected.

Wheels can be very expensive. On some high-end vehicles the cost of each wheel can run into the thousands of dollars. Cantech Automotive has a reputation as having one of the best wheel-mounting systems in the state. Customers bring their high-end cars from all over New York to get their valuable wheels mounted using our Hunter Revolution touchless tire changing system. They know that their wheels will be safe and won’t get scratched during the tire mounting process. 

This high-end tire mounting system is used for all our customers’ cars regardless of their make or model.

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