Pre Purchase Inspections

We all know that when buying a used car, it pays to have a qualified mechanic look it over to make sure everything is working as it should. The challenge is finding a mechanic that is familiar with the car you are buying and is aware of the common problems found with that model of car and will know what trouble spots to look for.

Servicing All Makes and Models

With Over 25 Years of Experience

At Cantech Automotive we have over 25 years of experience servicing all makes and models of cars from Fords to Ferraris. Our access to factory tools and diagnostics, ensure that we can be extremely detail oriented and identify even the most minute defects and errors.

Before you Buy

Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection by Cantech

When you have a pre-purchase inspection performed at Cantech, you will get the complete “story” about the car you are about to buy. This small investment will help you be aware of any issues and will also give the information you need to help you negotiate the best price from the individual you are buying from.

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